VNC Theme Framework


Vinacart extension require developer_tools extension, this extension developed by abantecart that helps us handle data such as backups with ease. We use it to manage theme data, you can install multiple themes without duplication of data with another theme.

To install the Vinacart extension, follow these steps:

  1. First, You download developer_tools for free. Go abantecart admin, then install and activate this extension.

  2. Download the VNC Framework for free. Then install & active this extension as normally.

Notice: After vinacart installed, it will add some hooks to the controller, model, view by modifing some abantecart files. Do not worry, Like VQMod for Opencart, however, we use the PHP library to fix the file directly and then set the security permissions back to the file. And the modified files will be revert to original when you deactivate the Vinacart extension.

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